Lute Strings of Subtlety Recipe-icon
Lute Strings of Subtlety Recipe
レシピ:Cook Tier 1
価値: 63 Copper coin-icon 

Lute Strings of Subtlety-icon Lute Strings of Subtlety
Tier (技術段階): 1  XP (ポイント): 6
Tool Required (必要な道具): Cooking Supplies
Facility Required (必要な作業場): Oven
Ingredients (材料):
Gut Strings-icon 1 Gut Strings Pinch of Shire Seasonings-icon 1 Pinch of Shire Seasonings
Bucket of Spring Barley Mash-icon 1 Bucket of Spring Barley Mash
Optional (オプション):
Sprig of Allspice-icon Sprig of Allspice
Critical Success Produces (クリティカル成功の製造):
Improved Lute Strings of Subtlety-icon Improved Lute Strings of Subtlety
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