Noble's Cloak Recipe-icon
Noble's Cloak Recipe
レシピ:Tailor Tier 6
価値: 7 Silver coin-icon 19 Copper coin-icon 

Noble's Cloak-icon Noble's Cloak (x1)
Tier (技術段階): 6  XP (ポイント):
Tool Required (必要な道具): [[Tailor's Tools|Tailor's Tools]]
Facility Required (必要な作業場): [[Superior Workbench|Superior Workbench]]
Ingredients (材料):
Mithril Flake-icon 1 Mithril Flake Extraordinary Leather Plate-icon 1 Extraordinary Leather Plate
Extraordinary Leather Guard-icon 1 Extraordinary Leather Guard Extraordinary Leather Pad-icon 1 Extraordinary Leather Pad
Bolt of Magnificent Cloth-icon 1 Bolt of Magnificent Cloth
Optional (オプション):
Supreme Master Tailor's Journal-icon 1 Supreme Master Tailor's Journal
Critical Success Produces (クリティカル成功の製造):
Heroic Noble's Hooded Cloak-icon Heroic Noble's Hooded Cloak (x1)
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