Level: 14

Difficulty: Duo

Location: Bree

Start: Kenton Thistleway

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Oh, it's terrible! Blake, the brigand-captain who wanted the sword, came and told me he knew Nate was dead and that he knew I had something to do with it! I tried to tell him I didn't, that I would have another sword for him soon, but he wouldn't listen. He said he's taken my daughter, Maribell! If I don't give him another sword, and soon, he'll kill her!

'You must save her! Please! Get the sword from Lofar, then go to Blake's camp. It's in the Bree-fields, up north of Bree. I'm sure he'll release my daughter when he has the sword.'

'Please hurry! I don't know what I'll do if they harm her.'

While you were gathering the materials Kenton needed to finish his work for Lofar Ironband, the brigand Blake took his daughter captive.

1. Lofar can be found in the courtyard of the Stone Quarter in Bree, south-east of the West-gate.

Kenton Thistleway told you that Blake, the brigand-captain, will kill his daughter, unless he gets a new sword. Kenton has asked you to retrieve the sword from Lofar.

2. Blake's brigand camp is in the Bree-fields, north-west of Bree-town.

When you spoke with Lofar, he told you that the sword was not ready yet. He urged you to go to Blake's brigand camp and try to convince the brigand-captain not to harm Kenton's daughter. The sword will be ready soon. He also suggested you take friends in case there was trouble.

3. Kenton Thistleway resides among the smiths in Bree, not far from the West-gate.

Blake, the brigand-captain, took Kenton Thistleway's daughter, Maribell, captive. You rescued Maribell, who has returned to Bree. You should return to Kenton with news of your success.

This quest turns into an "Escort" quest for Maribell. This is where it may be necessary to bring a friend. Maribell can be found in a cage-box like thing on the west side of the camp. After freeing her you will have to fight 3 waves of enemies. Each wave consists of 3 enemies and the 2nd one includes Blake, the brigand captain. After killing the 2nd wave Maribell runs outside of the wooden enclosure you find her in and tries to run out of the entrance. Here is where you will face the 3rd wave of enemies. Killing the archer brigands is VITAL to Maribell's survival. Until you grab the attention of the archers they will continue to attack Maribell. After defeating the 3rd wave of enemies the quest is completed. Continue back to Bree and turn it in to Lofar. -Submitted by: Khildim, Man Champion, Brandywine


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