Level: 18

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I'm not just the server and maid here at the Forsaken Inn, I'm also a fair hand with needle and thread. At the moment, Anlaf has me making a special treat for the goblins of Annunlos.

'I've been trying to finish this terrible, little scarecrow for weeks, but there are none here willing to risk their lives against the goblins to bring me what I need to complete it. I have all the pieces I need except cloth from enough goblin-tabards to complete the scarecrow.

'If you are willing, go to the ruins of Minas Eriol to the southeast, or to the plains of Annunlos, and bring me some tabards from the goblins there so I can finish this dreadful thing.'

Goblins in the ruins of Minas Eriol southeast of the Forsaken Inn cause a great deal of trouble for people at the inn. Lieva Dourlily is sewing a scarecrow intended to frighten away the goblins.

There are goblins in the ruins of Minas Eriol to the southeast of the Forsaken Inn, and on the fields of Annunlos.

To finish her scarecrow, Lieva Dourlily requires some of the tabards worn by the goblins of Annunlos, but no one at the Forsaken Inn is brave enough to risk themselves to collect the cloth for her. She has asked you to gather the tabards for her.



Related Quests:

3Silver 20Cupper

Dourlily's Helmet OR Lieva's Sapphire Earring


Minas Eriol - Goblins a plenty


Lieva is in the Forsaken Inn