Level: 12

Difficulty: Solo

Start: Lofar Ironband

Location:Bree, Breeland

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hail, good fellow! I was wondering if you could help me with a bit of a problem. It seems that no sooner did I set my latest blade out to cool, than someone stole it!

'I didn't see who made off with the sword, but I suspect it was one of those Man-smiths who live up near Bree's West-gate. Their craft is nothing like dwarf-craft, and likely their jealousy of my workmanship moved one of them to steal my blade.

'If I were to ask them about my blade, they would just ignore me. You though, by the look of you, you're a great warrior. If you were to ask them about my blade, they'll be honest with you. How about it, can you find my stolen blade?'

Lofar Ironband has told you that someone has stolen his newest blade. He has asked you to find out who stole it and return it to him as quickly as possible!

Most of the smiths of Bree dwell near the West-gate. One of the smiths is in Breeland at the Thornley's Construction Site.

Lofar has told you that he thinks his latest blade was stolen by one of the Man-smiths. He thinks that a warrior, such as yourself, might intimidate the thief into confessing and returning the stolen blade.


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Lofar Ironband