Level: 18

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I am Hunulf Munce. My brother Gadaric and I trade artifacts found in the Lone-lands to collectors in Bree in return for food and other necessities. Until recently, our trade has been brisk, but darkness has come to these lands and our people, the Eglain, face starvation.

'Goblins have crept into the Lone-lands and have made trade difficult; they attacked us and seized many of our trade goods. Ruins of ancient Arnor overlook a large valley to the southeast of the Forsaken Inn. Minas Eriol, that place is called, and it was long dear to my people. Would you go there and retrieve our trade bundles from the crates that remain and return to me?

'The crates are all that remains of our last collection. My brother may have some words for you before you set out for Minas Eriol.'

The brothers Gadaric and Hunulf Munce are members of the Eglain, a tribe of Men living in the Lone-lands. They make their livelihood by trading with travellers through the Lone-lands.

Hunulf's crates can be found within the ruins of Minas Eriol southeast of the Forsaken Inn, where Hunulf waits for your return.

In an effort to assist the Hunulf of the Eglain, you agreed to collect the trade goods that were left behind at Minas Eriol when the goblins attacked.


The crates are all over Minas Eriol. But your best bet is to continue following the road up into the ruins where the goblins are.

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Tons of crates in Minas Eriol


Hunulf is in the Forsaken Inn