Level: 13

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Celondim

Start: Laergil

Bestowal Dialogue:
'The swarms should lessen now that you have intervened, but I am afraid there is a related problem.

'Some woodcutters were attacked by the bears that live in the eastern ranges of Haudh Lin, an attack made without provocation. They were able to flee, but I am concerned with the safety of others travelling into the bears' territory. I imagine that their rage stems from the pestilence brought about by the swarms.

'It is unfortunate, but the bears affected by the swarms must be culled. There is no need to hunt them all, but we cannot allow their madness to threaten our safety.'

Talath Ondren is infested with swarms of crawlers and spiders. Their presence has caused much destruction and the spread of disease.

1. Bears are found in eastern Haudh Lin, north of Celondim and Duillond.

Laergil has asked you to go to the old dwarf-ruins and cull the bear population there.

2. Laergil waits on the pier in the port of Celondim, south of Haudh Lin.

You journeyed to the ruins of Haudh Lin and defeated the enraged bears.


Vicious Bears can be found all around the spider lair, up to the wardspire. They don't spawn in large quantities, though.

Related Quests:

Laergil's Mace OR Laergil's Hooded Cloak


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