Level: 18

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'One moment, friend. I've been thinking of ways to help meet my ends, and I may have found one. I'll need some help if this is to work, however, and that's where you come in!

'The constables in Bree have placed a bounty on goblin-scabbards. I have contacts that will deliver the scabbards and collect the money, but no one seems willing to actually gather the scabbards! Surely the goblins in the ruins of Minas Eriol, southeast of here, carry scabbards that will fulfill the bounty.

'If you collect some of their scabbards and deliver them to me, I will gladly share the profits with you.'

Falster the Fox, an enterprising trader, hopes to earn extra coin by helping the people of the Lone-lands drive off the goblin menace.

Goblins can be found in the ruins of Minas Eriol, southeast of the Forsaken Inn.

Falster wants to collect the bounty on scabbards carried by goblins in the Lone-lands.



Related Quests:
Several early Lone Lands quests can be completed right around the spot located on the map. I ran around this circle and completed 5 of them in about 30 minutes. And partially finished some others. The five I completed are:


Scabbard Chaser