Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'My friend, I wonder if I can ask you to undertake a task for me? It is bad enough that the goblins despoil Limael's Vineyard, but recently a party of the wretched creatures broke into an old wine-cellar and stole a number of flasks of a rare and ancient vintage.

'No doubt the evil creatures have already drunk or destroyed most of the wine, but if you can recover any of the bottles from the goblins in this area, I would be deeply in your debt.

'You can find the goblins throughout Limael's Vineyard to the north-west. I would not venture beyond into the Rath Teraig, however, as the goblins there are rather more dangerous.'

Goblins stole a rare wine from the Elves of Celondim.

There are goblins throughout Limael's Vineyard, north-west of Celondim. Brethilwen is at her winery in Celondim, south-east of Limael's Vineyard.

Brethilwen has asked you to recover wine flasks of a rare and ancient vintage from the goblins who stole them.


Related Quests:

395XP - 2s 90c

Brethilwens Mace

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Limael's Vineyard