Level: 29

Difficulty: Group


Start: Dannasen

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Her sisters are as wide as the world, for each way the water flows there are River-maidens. To call the Red-maid back to nature you shall need to enlist the aid of of the maiden Iarwain Ben-adar's took to wife. Her name is Goldberry.

'The winds tell that she may be found far to the west in a land where Iarwain Ben-adar still dwells. Seek out Goldberry and ask her to cleanse the water so that her sister may heal herself and the land she once loved.'

Dannasen aid that a sister of the Red-maid would need to give mercy to purify the water and provide a chance to redeem the Red-maid.

1. Goldberry dwells in the Old Forest, far to the west of Agamaur.

Dannasen instructed you to present the River-maiden Goldberry with the full Urn of Agamaur and ask her to purify the water within so you might restore the Red-maid.

2. Dannasen is at the Eglain camp in Agamaur, far to the east of the Old Forest.

You should return to Dannasen at the camp and tell him that Goldberry has purified the water from Agamaur with a sister's love.



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