Level: 05

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Atli Spider-bane

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Don't worry about me, [name] . A minor wound I got in the fighting.

'Now that the Brackenbrooks, father and son, have driven the Blackwolds away from Archet, perhaps these folk can get to living their lives as they once did. Word has reached me, though, that there's a new threat to be dealt with.

'A nearby farm has been overrun with spiders, and the folk there have retreated to Archet. My injury prevents me from dealing with the pests, but you have proven yourself a capable warrior and should have no trouble. Look for the farmer here in Archet. You may know him already...his name is Cal Sprigley.'

Cal Sprigley's farm has been overrun by spiders. The farmer and his wife fled to Archet, leaving their belongings behind.

1. Cal Sprigley can be found north of the ruins of The Mad Badger Inn in Archet.

After spiders attacked his farm, Cal Sprigley and his wife fled to the safety of Archet. Atli Spider-bane has asked you to speak with the farmer.

2. Cal Sprigley's farm is south of Bronwe's Folly.

Cal Sprigley has asked you to go to his farm and recover his strongbox, seed sack, and bow. With these things, he might be able to make a fresh start.

3. Cal Sprigley and his wife await you north of the ruins of The Mad Badger Inn in Archet.

Cal and Holly Sprigley are waiting in Archet for the possessions you recovered from their spider-infested farm. You should return to them at once.

I found the bow on the corpse in the area.

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The box and the bow


The seedsack