Level: 16

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Bree

Start: Addie Wheatley

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Oh, what a fine strong person you are. You remind me of my own poor sons. They've been gone for a few days now, and I've heard nary a word from them. My wits are nearly gone with worry!

'See, it started with my son, Malin. He was sure there were treasures out in the Barrow-downs for the taking and left seeking his fortune. After a few days passed, and he didn't come back, I sent his brother, Amlach, out after him, and I've not heard from him either!

'Would you venture to the Barrow-downs and find my boys? Amlach said he'd camp at The Dead Man's Perch on the eastern cliffs. Please go there and see if you can find Amlach. Be sure to go with trusted allies, for tales say that dead men wander those hills...'

Addie Wheatley, a poor, old woman, is afraid for her sons, Amlach and Malin, who went into the Barrow-downs in search of treasure.

1. The Dead Man's Perch is located on the eastern cliffs of the Barrow-downs.

Addie Wheatley said that her son Amlach was going to set camp at The Dead Man's Perch and search for his brother Malin in the Barrow-downs. She suggested that you go with friends, as it could be dangerous.

2. Addie Wheatley stands near the Mud-gate in the south-west corner of Bree-town.

You've found Addie Wheatley's son, Amlach, dead at Dead Man's Perch. In his hand, you found that he was grasping a tattered journal. You should bring the journal back to Addie as she will want to know the fate of her sons.



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You'll find the body at Dead Mans Perch