Shortcuts are simple methods of executing commands. They are often combined with alias commands to make a more complex sequence. In LOTRO as of 5/2007 you cannot make complex macros using Shortcuts or Alias commands.

Shortcuts are keystroke sequences bound to the Quickslot bar(s) in the UI. You first need to determine what slot you are going to use. There are 6 banks of slots. Banks 5 and 6 by default are not turned on in the UI. You have to go to the Options Menu (Esc) to enable them.

Quickslot Bar Numbers
Bank Access Keys Slot Numbers
Bank 1 1 - = 1 - 12
Bank 2 ctrl + 1 - = 13 - 24
Bank 3 alt + 1 - = 25 - 36
Bank 4 shift + 1 - = 37 - 48
Bank 5 na 49 - 60
Bank 6 na 61 - 72

Next determine what command you want to access quickly. The /follow command is a good one to start with as it lets you select a player and follow that player like glue where ever that player goes.

You enter the command on the input line of the IM Chat box.

For example: This will add the short cut to Quickslot 13 (Ctrl + 1).

/shortcut 13 /follow

Now when you type CTRL+1 you will follow the player you've highlighted.

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