Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Start: Adso Haybank


Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hey, friend, you're not from around here, And that may be a good thing. This is serious business, and I can't trust any of these louts with something delicate. I had to go into debt to set this place up as a proper hunting lodge and way station, and I have a...a payment to make, you might say. All I need is a little bit of your time to deliver this satchel for me.

'Just take it to the Old Sweetgrass Farm just a little ways north-east of here and give it over to the man you'll find there. Bill he calls himself, Bill Ferney.

'Mind you, he said he'll only be there at night, so don't waste your time hanging around during the day, hear me?'

Adso Haybank, a hobbit of Bree, runs a hunting lodge and way station along the Great East Road. In order to facilitate the building of the lodge, he was forced to go into debt...a debt which he needs help paying off.

1. Bill Ferney will be at the Old Sweetgrass Farm, north-east of Adso Haybank's camp, though only at night.

In order to reduce his debt, Adso Haybank has asked you to take a satchel to a man named Bill Ferney. He warns you that you will only find Ferny at the arranged meeting place after nightfall.

2. Adso Haybank's camp lies south-west of the Old Sweetgrass Farm.

Adso Haybank sent you to deliver a payment to the brutish Bill Ferney and now awaits your return.


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