Level: 09

Difficulty: Solo

Start: Longo Daegmund

Location: Staddle

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hoy there, do you know anything about dogs? Gar here has been feeling poorly since yesterday, and he won't eat a bite. I fetched him some fresh water from the well, and he just turns away!

'Maybe you could help me? Eldo Swatmidge knows a fair bit about animals, and he might have an idea about what's wrong with Gar. He lives quite a bit east of town, almost on the edge of the Midgewater Marshes, and I don't think Gar would be up for the walk. Just take the road east out of town to the Widow Froghorn's farm, then north from there and down the hill to the east.

'Eldo is a bit of a queer sort, but he loves dogs, so he can't be that bad, right? I'd appreciate anything he could do to help Gar!'

Longo Daegmund's dog Gar appears to have come down ill, and Longo is worried about him.

1. Eldo Swatmidge lives east of Staddle and north and east of Widow Froghorn's farm.

Longo Daegmund has asked you to speak with Eldo Swatmidge about his dog's illness and learn if there is some remedy he knows that may cure him.

2. Neekerbreekers can be found most commonly in the southern Midgewater Marshes. Eldo Swatmidge's farm is west of the Marshes and east of Staddle.

Longo Daegmund sent you to speak with Eldo Swatmidge about a cure for Gar, his dog, but Eldo is missing the fennel seeds he needs to make the remedy. Eldo tells you that the Neekerbreekers have an affinity for fennel, and it may be possible to find some caught in their pincers.

3. Longo Daegmund and his dog Gar are by Ferdibrand Took's waggon just west of the town square in Staddle.

Eldo has prepared an herbal remedy to cure Longo's dog Gar of the illness troubling him and told you to have the dog drink it.

4. Longo Daegmund is next to his dog, Gar, by Ferdibrand Took's waggon west of the town square of Staddle.

Longo is waiting expectantly to speak with you.


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