Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo

Start:Jon Brackenbrook


Bestowal Dialogue:
'The man who came through the village -- he reminded me of Amdir in his behaviour -- said he was looking for "the Hero of Archet." I can only assume that he spoke of you!

'He said the matter was most urgent, and that if I saw you, I was to direct you to The Comb and Wattle Inn, where he will be waiting for you. The Comb and Wattle is in the centre of Combe to the south.

'He seemed most grim to me. I would travel to Combe immediately and speak with the innkeeper, Lizbeth Honeymeade. She should know where to find this man.'

A stranger to Archet left an urgent message for "the Hero of Archet", requesting an audience

1. Lizbeth Honeymeade is the proprietor of The Comb and Wattle Inn in Combe, south of Archet.

Jon Brackenbrook said you were to meet the grim stranger in Combe. He recommended that you speak with the innkeeper, Lizbeth Honeymeade, who can tell you what room the stranger is staying in.

2. Toradan's room is at the end of the hall at the top of the stairs across the common room.

You have come to The Comb and Wattle Inn, as instructed, and spoken to the proprietor. Lizbeth Honeymeade told you that the man who sent you the message, Toradan, is waiting for you in his room.

The Comb and Wattle Inn is right in the middle of Combe.

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