Archet is a town located in the Archet Dale in Bree-land. It was a bustling town, but unfortunately destroyed by brigands. Now Jon Brackenbrook oversees the rebuilding effort.

Town Coordinates: 25.3S, 49.1W.

General Information Edit

Man and Hobbit alike will see two different versions of Archet. From approximately levels 1 to 6 they will be an instanced version of Archet. This serves as the starter quest line. Multiple instances of the starter Archet will spawn depending on number of players, estimates are roughly 100 players per starter instance. Upon completing the last quest in starter Archet the player takes part in an epic quest and is let loose into the real Archet. At this point the player is part of the persistant world.

Quest InvolvementEdit

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Archet MobsEdit

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Points of InterestEdit

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