Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo

Location: North Downs

Start: Amarion

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My friend, I am concerned about one of my kin who was sent to watch over the Fields of Fornost. He has not been heard of in a very long time -- longer than even we are accustomed. My duties here, however, will not allow me to seek him out.

'Would you be willing to seek him for me? If you travel west to the Greenway and follow it north until it slopes downward onto the Fields of Fornost, look to the rocky high-ground to your left. Mincham established his camp there.

'Be wary, though: the Fields of Fornost are not as safe as they once were.'

While most of his time is occupied caring for the refugees from Annúndir, Amarion also worries about his friend Mincham, a Ranger who watches over the Fields of Fornost.

Mincham has set up camp on the rocky hill left of where the Greenway descends into the Fields of Fornost.

Since his duty will not permit him to leave the refugees of Annúndir unprotected, Amarion has asked you to seek Mincham at the Fields of Fornost.



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