Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have travelled throughout much of Nan Tornaeth in recent days, and few things trouble me like the corruption that has taken some of the beasts here. A fell malady has seized the bears that hunt in Nan Tornaeth, twisting their minds and bodies.

'I do not know if this vile malady can spread to other creatures, Stip, but I want to know its source. We cannot risk this corruption leaving Nan Tornaeth and spreading across the Bruinen to Imladris itself.

'Bring me pelts from the corrupted bears that stalk the valleys of Nan Tornaeth, and I will examine them for some sign of the malady's source.'

Calenthon has observed some foul disease corrupting the bears of Nan Tornaeth and wants to ensure it does not pose a threat to travellers in the area.

1. Corrupted bears stalk the passes and valleys of Nan Tornaeth.

Calenthon is concerned about the corruption that seems to have affected the bears of Nan Tornaeth and wants you to bring him their pelts for study.

2. Calenthon is north-west of Thorenhad, keeping watch over Nan Tornaeth.

Calenthon is waiting for you to return with tainted bear-hides from the diseased bears of Nan Tornaeth.



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