Level: 50

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
This crude scrap of text is written in the Black Speech. The foreign, hasty scribblings are meaningless to your eyes. The Elves of Rivendell are said to understand the language of Mordor. Perhaps one of them can translate the message and reveal its purpose.

The Enemy speaks a dire language known as the Black Speech. Plans and messages to the False King, his generals, and commanders are often carried into battle by their minions.

Rivendell is in the Trollshaws, far to the south of Angmar.

You discovered a strange piece of text, written in the Black Speech. The Elves of Rivendell might be able to translate it.

This page is known to drop in the higher level areas in the game. Angmar, Evendim, Misty Mountains to name three. I found mine in a chest in the Misty Mountains.

Lindir in The Last Homely House will translate. If you're facing Strider, Lindir is in the room to your LEFT.


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