Level: 43

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You have gained something of a reputation as a warrior, it seems. Perhaps you can assist our clan anew. We have little wealth here, but what we have comes in part from bloodstones -- gems we use for ornaments and in trade. With the coming of so many drakes in the hills to the north beyond the old gates of Angmar, we have been unable to gather these stones, as the drakes have occupied the place the bloodstones can be found.

'Our scouts say that the drakes actually eat the bloodstones they find. With all those teeth, it is hard to believe they need them to chew their food, but perhaps they just like the taste. Be that as it may, we need those stones. The stones can frequently be found amongst the remains of the drake's victims.

'Remember the drakes are terrible foes, so you would be wise to take friends.'

The Hillmen of Angmar have little wealth, but what they have comes in part from bloodstones, semiprecious gems they use in ornaments and for trade. The recent appearance of many drakes in the hills north of Aughaire has made it impossible for the Hillmen to gather these bloodstones. It seems that the bloodstones are often found amongst the bones of the drake's victims.

1. The drake lairs are north of Aughaire in a valley beyond some old gates of the Angmarim.

Lakhina of Aughaire has asked you to go to the drake-lairs and gather bloodstones, taking them from the remains of the drake's victims.

2. You must return the bloodstones you have gathered to Lakhina of Aughaire.



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One spot for bone piles