Level: 43

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'The most dangerous game of these hills are the wicked and cunning drakes. In truth, they hunt us as much as we hunt them. It is by the death of these great beasts that true hunter's mettle may be tested.

'Already you have proved your strength in battling these lesser beasts, but now we have lost several of our hunters to one drake in particular, who rules the rest of this brood, mighty in strength and cunning.

Perhaps you might enjoy the challenge of slaying this mighty drake, whom we have called Bloodwing.'

Drakes are the most dangerous game in the foothills of Angmar, and the Hillmen consider them the truest test of a hunter's skill.

Now they have challenged you to defeat the most powerful of the drakes in the foothills - Bloodwing

1. There are drake lairs north of Aughaire in the high hills by some ancient ruins.

You have been asked to hunt the most dangerous among them, the vicious drake Bloodwing.

2. Cuinthorn is back at Aughaire.

Having slain many drakes, you should return to Cuinthorn for your reward.



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