Level: 18

Difficulty: Group

Location: Bree

Start: Lost Shade

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Alas...I had hoped my shield-brother would be easily freed, but I suppose it was not meant to be so.

'I believe the Bone Man is somewhere in the southern reaches of the Barrow-downs, but in sooth I know not just where he may be found. Perhaps someone in this town has heard of him and can tell thee more than I.

'I know I have no right to ask thee to face such a fearsome foe as the Bone Man, but for the sake of my shield-brother, I must. Please, search for the Bone Man and destroy him. Alas, I do not know if he can be defeated by a single warrior, even a mighty one, so thou should take allies with thee upon this quest.'

The shade in Bree still seeks to free his shield-brother from the curse that binds him to the shadow-realm and to Middle-earth, despite the grim news you brought to him.

1. The shade does not know precisely where the Bone Man may be found, other than that he lies somewhere in the south Barrow-downs.

The shade has asked you to free the imprisoned shades by destroying the Bone Man. The shade has warned you that the Bone Man is a mighty foe and that you should take allies with you on this quest. He also suggested that there may be someone in Bree who knows something of the Bone Man.

2. The shade's alley lies near Bree's South-gate.

You should return to the shade and let him know that the Bone Man has been defeated and the shades freed.


Don't spend too much time standing there congratulating yourself on beating this guy, his repop is measured in seconds.

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About the Quest ;


The Bone Man is in Ost Gorthad. He's easy to find as he loves to sing his own praises