Level: 18

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'The Great Barrow is not a place for weak hearts or frail limbs. Wicked wights and evil lords make merry in their terror. They've never caught Old Tom and never will they. He's the Master!

'If you be a-going, Tom will take you, but you oughtn't go alone. Gather friends, a merry band, and then we shall be leaving!'

You learned from the woman Andraste that the Lord of the Nazgûl was travelling to a place called Othrongroth. If you could spy on the Witch-king at this place, you might learn more of his plans.

1. Tom Bombadil has agreed to show you the way to Othrongroth, a barrow in the Barrow-downs, but has suggested you gather allies before he takes you.

2. Return to Tom Bombadil and claim your reward.

You and your allies braved the dark depths of Othrongroth and emerged victorious.



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