Level: 28

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You can learn many things from the dead. But there is one troublesome shade called Emelin that resists all attempts at communication. Perhaps you may succeed where I have not.

'Emelin is...difficult. He is bound by pride and deems the living beneath contempt. If you can prove yourself to him, this might grant enough status in his eyes to lend you aid.

'Beware when you speak to him. He will try and win your trust with pleasant words, then send you off to your doom. You will find him at the ruins of Ost Haer.'

While investigating the source of the wights of the Red Swamp, Radagast sent you to a man named Aric the Stone-speaker. Aric hinted that the dead might hold the answers you seek.

1. Emelin haunts the area called Ost Haer.

Aric spoke of a shade called Emelin. If you can prove your worth to the shade, he might give you the information you desire.

2. Emelin haunts the area called Ost Haer.

Emelin tasks you to defeat the apparitions of his dead warriors. Succeed, and he will help you. Fail, and you may perish.



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