Level: 29

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I cannot tell you the strength of the forces of Angmar within Fornost, for I did not see them approach. The Orcs and Wargs that guard the gates must have entered Fornost from the north!

'I fear the only way to know the true strength of the Enemy within Fornost is to test the defences erected at its gates by the Orcs. I would do this myself, but my old injury prevents me from doing so.

'If you are willing, go to the Norbury Gates north of here and slay what Orcs and Wargs you find. After you have done so, bring me a report of what you find.'

Mincham believes that the Enemy has indeed returned to Fornost, but cannot tell the strength of the forces there as they approached the city from the north.

1. The Norbury Gates lie to the north of Mincham's camp.

Mincham believes the only way to determine the strength of the forces of Angmar within Fornost is test the defences erected at its gates. He has asked you to slay Orcs and Wargs and bring him a report of the resistance there.

2. Mincham can be found at his camp in the southern Fields of Fornost.

The Ranger Mincham will need to hear your report regarding the defences at the gates of Fornost.



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