Level: 29

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'This Council of Esteldín -- I wish that I could simply commit to such an endeavour, but it is not so simple. Many of my people are nearly overcome with grief and anger at what happened here. And the threats against Lin Giliath are not yet dealt with. Our scouts tell me that the Orcs in Nan Wathren are planning to move against us soon.

'The scouts say that these Orcs are being led by a great Uruk of Angmar named Drukordh, who camps in the deepest parts of Nan Wathren. Perhaps if this Uruk were slain, Lin Giliath would be protected enough for me to come to your Council. It is a heavy burden, but I would task you with this, if you remain of stout heart.

'The Uruk is a mighty foe, and so you should not attempt to confront him on your own.'

When you arrived at Lin Giliath, Gildor told you that the Orcs to the west are planning to move against the Elf-glade.

1. Drukordh can be found in the the deepest, most southern recesses of Nan Wathren.

Gildor told you that if the Uruk Drukordh were slain, then Lin Giliath would remain safe enough for him to come to the Council of Esteldín. You were warned not to confront the Uruk without the help of allies.

2. Gildor can be found in Lin Giliath.

With the Uruk Drukordh slain, you should make your way back to Gildor and bring him this good news.



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