Level: 38

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'We know more than we did, Stip, but we do not yet know what we must, for the safety of all those who live or journey in this region: the whereabouts of the missing Nazgûl. His steed was our greatest ally in this search, for while he could remove his cloak and remain nearly unseen, his horse was a mortal creature and its physical trail could be followed. With the creature now dead, either from exhaustion or at his master's hand, our ability to track the Nazgûl is lessened.

'Lessened but not gone, perhaps. I would ask you to return to Imladris and to consult with Lord Glorfindel, for he is accounted very wise and may have some strategem we have not yet tested. He keeps close counsel with my father and with Mithrandir, and often contemplates near the falling water by my father's house.

'He may be able to help us find this missing Nazgûl.'

Elladan was pleased that you found the horse of the missing Rider, but will not be satisfied until he knows its master's fate.

1. Lord Glorfindel can be found in Imladris, far to the east of Thorenhad, contemplating the waterfalls by the Last Homely House.

Elladan has asked you to consult with the Elf-lord Glorfindel about the missing Rider.

2. The Ford of Bruinen is to the west of Imladris, at the bottom of the steeply-climbing slopes.

Lord Glorfindel has given you an Elf-stone and has asked you to test its powers by holding it aloft on the banks of the Bruinen.

3. Lord Glorfindel is in Imladris, high above the Bruinen and to the east, by the waterfall outside the Last Homely House.

Glorfindel is waiting to speak with you upon your return from the Ford of Bruinen.



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