Level: 40

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have given some thought to our riddle, Stip, and while I do not know if this is the answer, my heart tells me that we must exhaust this course before we can be sure it is fruitless.

'Many caves dot the wilderness of the Trollshaws, home to the creatures that give this place its name. The missing Nazgûl suffered some grievous hurt when caught between the fires of Glorfindel and the Ranger Aragorn and the waters of Bruinen, and he must have escaped to some secluded corner of the wild to regain his strength; I believe he fled to one of the troll-caves.

'I will write down the names and locations of three caves. Descend into the deepest chamber of each and hold Glorfindel's beryl aloft. We must learn if the Nazgûl hid within one of these caves in order to pick up his trail. Bring allies to these caves, for the trolls that lurk within are dangerous. Here are my notes, Stip.'

Elladan has determined that the missing Rider may be hiding in one of the many caves that dot the crags of the Trollshaws and wants you to search several of them with Glorfindel's beryl.

1. Elladan gave you his notes containing the locations of the troll-caves.

Elladan wants you to search three troll-caves with Glorfindel's beryl.

2. Elladan is at Thorenhad, his camp among the Bruinen Gorges, north of the bear-dens.

Elladan is waiting to hear what Glorfindel's beryl revealed: that the missing Nazgûl was never in any of the caves you searched.



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