Level: 43

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'So you say that Elrond mentioned goblins in his direction to come here? It doesn't surprise me. I ran into some troublesome goblins up here when I crossed the Misty Mountains in Thorin's great quest. That time we were sorely beset by goblins.

'Now, it does seem the foul things are even more stirred up lately, and perhaps your Rider is the cause. One of the scouts here reported them moving far from their holes far to the east and heard them chanting "Gurzmat"...their leader no doubt.

'Aye, that's what needs to be done. Slay this Gurzmat, and the goblins will be in such a disarray they won't present a problem to anyone -- and maybe you'll find the trail of this Rider you seek. Seek out the goblin fires to the north and east along the Pinnath Fenui, and you'll likely find Gurzmat holed up deep in one of the camps. I wish I could help you more, but as I said, there's a more pressing task from Dáin that I must give my attention to.'

Glóin told you that the goblins seem very active of late, and that he would not be surprised if the Nazgûl you are pursuing were the cause.

1. The goblins have many camps among the ridges of Pinnath Fenui, far to the east and north of Glóin's camp.

Glóin told you that if you search for the goblins' camps in the Misty Mountains, you should find a goblin named Gurzmat. He appears to be their leader, and by defeating him, you should throw the goblins into disarray and perhaps find the trail of the Nazgûl.

2. Gurzmat is somewhere deep within the goblin-camp that sprawls along the ridges of the Pinnath Fenui.

Glóin told you that by defeating the goblin Gurzmat, you would throw the goblins into disarray and perhaps find the trail of the Nazgûl you seek.

3. Gloin is at his camp north of Rivendell.

In defeating Gurzmat, you find him accompanied by hostile Dourhand dwarves. Glóin should be made known of this development immediately.



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