Level: 45

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Now that we have the keystone, the back way into the Dourhand keep will be open to us! You should be able to confront both the Nazgûl and Skorgrím. However, the task will be a great one, and you will need help, so gather a company of allies. Also, since completion of this task may mean the end of Skorgrím, a great boon to Durin's Folk, I will send my son Gimli along with you to aid in the battle. I will entrust him with both the key-stone and the secret dwarf-lore needed to open the gate.

'Now go and gather a company of allies and prepare for the battle ahead. Once you are prepared, speak to Gimli. Together you will set off for the keep, and he shall open the secret way into the inner keep.

'This will be a great day for the Free Peoples, Stip! I am eager for your return with the tale of your victory!'

With the key-stone in hand, you can now enter the dwarf-keep in Gabilazan, the last refuge of the Dourhands and confront both the Nazgûl and Skorgrím.

1. Gimli is at his father's camp, north of Rivendell.

When you have gathered a fellowship, seek out Gimli, and he will accompany you to the dwarf-keep where the Nazgûl and Skorgrím may be hiding.

2. Glóin is at his camp north of Rivendell.

The Nazgûl left the dwarf-keep, commanding Skorgrím to slay you. Fortunately, you were able to defeat Skorgrím, but a fell spirit emerged from his corpse and cursed the Longbeards before vanishing. You should tell Glóin all that has transpired.



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