Level: 45

Difficulty: Epic Quests



Bestowal Dialogue:
'These runes are of an Elvish mode, but the language is the Black Speech, in which I am not well-versed. But I do know a little and can see that these runes speak of a "heart" located within the stone.

'Perhaps if I could study one of the stone-hearts, a way to undo the spell upon them can be found. There are some lifeless stones east of here from which you may collect such a heart, without fear.

'Bring me a stone-heart as quickly as you may, so that we may be done with our duty.'

The rubbing you made showed runes of a foul nature, written in the Black Speech, which Corunir is not well-versed in; however, he was able to make out something about the "heart" of the stone.

1. Lifeless watching-stones can be found to the east of Aughaire.

Corunir has asked you to find one the stone-hearts the runes spoke of by searching lifeless watching-stones.

2. Corunir is at the Hillman-village of Aughaire.

You should return to Corunir with the stone-heart that you discovered.



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