Level: 50

Difficulty: Epic Quest



Bestowal Dialogue:
'If you came from Braigiar, I have no doubt you heard that my father was lost. He was indeed lost to us, but I do not believe he was slain. I have heard reports from our allies that he was taken captive and is being held within the dungeons of Carn Dûm.

'One such ally, a sympathetic Hillman from the hostile eastern tribes named Raghnall, claims that he has acquired a scroll from the libraries of Carn Dûm that tells how to gain access to the city. If you would meet Raghnall and obtain the scroll from him, it would be a tremendous step towards freeing my father from the clutches of the Enemy.

'Be wary, though...he will be waiting just south of Bail Cátharnakh, a Hillman village which lies to the south-west of Gath Forthnír. Most of the Hillmen there are in the service of the Iron Crown.'

Lorniel told you that she believes her father still lives, held captive in the dungeons of Carn Dûm. She hopes to find a way inside the terrible city and rescue him.

1. Meet with Raghnall south of Bail Cátharnakh.

Lorniel told you that she had heard from a Hillman named Raghnall who was seeking to leave the service of Angmar and might have information that will allow her to gain access to Carn Dûm.

2. Lorniel can be found within Gath Forthnir.

You met with Raghnall and he gave you a scroll that explains how to forge a key for the Gates of Carn Dûm.



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