Level: 38

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Evendim

Start: Helechir

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Stay a moment, for I would speak with you. My people are much concerned with the protection of the ancient Dúnedain heritage of Annúminas and the surrounding lands, but we are stretched thin. We have on occasion hired some of the more adventurous folk of Ost Forod, to the north-east, to help protect the old manors and crypts from despoiling.

'One such worthy, by the name of Alfred Whitley, keeps watch over some of the tombs of Men Erain. If you would, please take these supplies to him. Return to the mainland and follow the shore-road south and west into Men Erain. Shortly after reaching that place, the burial ground for many of the ancient kings of my people, you will see steps carved into the hillside. Climb the steps to Alfred Whitley's camp.

'He has been away for some time and is surely running short of provisions; return to me when you have given him these supplies, and I will reward you for the trouble.'

Because of their decreasing numbers, the Rangers of the North must occasionally hire Men from Ost Forod to watch over their ancient tombs.

1. Alfred Whitley can be found in Men Erain, south of Tinnudir across the lake. Following the shore road west and south into Men Erain, Alfred's camp can be found on the hillside up some carved stone steps.

The Ranger Helechír has asked you to bring supplies to a man by the name of Alfred Whitley in Men Erain.

2. Alfred Whitley is missing from his watch-post in Men Erain, but the journal that remains among his things may have some clue to his whereabouts.

You found Alfred Whitley's watch-post, but there was no sign of him.

3. Helechír is at the Ranger-camp on the island of Tinnudir, north-east of Men Erain.

You found the journal of a Ranger on a pilgrimage to his family's ancestral holdings near Annúminas. According to his journal, he suspected he was being followed. Helechír will be most interested to hear of this.



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Superior Shire Rations OR Balchelos' Crossbow

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The Journal.


Hmm, blood stains. That's never a good sign.