Level: 29

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Othrikar

Start: Hornbori

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You've done a good job for us with that bear-meat and the grain. You've proved yourself a friend to Othrikar. But now I have some grave and serious news, and I need to ask for your help once again.

'Before those blasted Dourhands left, they stole most of the yeast and poisoned the rest. You do know what that means, don't you? No beer! This is an outrage not to be borne!

'Morale around here is bad enough without running out of beer for our miners. I need you to go to the Dourhand camp north of here and get that yeast back!'

The Dwarves of Othrikar are beset by supply troubles, stemming from the incursion of Orcs and Wargs from the north and the betrayal of the Dourhands.

The stolen yeast is at the Dourhand camp north of Othrikar.

After you returned from Gatson's Farm, Hornbori told you that the Dourhand dwarves had stolen or poisoned all of Othrikar's yeast, which threatens their supply of beer. He has asked you to rectify this outrage by recovering the stolen yeast.



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Also, The Lost Map is *very* close. As is The Father-Lode.


Happ-Leggar OR Brew-Master's Shield


The pouch of yeast