Level: 16

Difficulty: Group

Location: Bree

Start: Saeradan

Previous Quests: Orc-Slayer

Bestowal Dialogue:
While you were away in Andrath, I learned that Sharkey's Men Have arranged a meeting with the captain in charge of the Orcs from the North Downs. If these two groups can come to terms, together they may be strong enough to conquer all of Bree-land!

The meeting will take place in a cave not far south of Trestlebridge. I have not learned the precise location, but no doubt the area will be guarded by both brigands and Orcs.

You must locate the cave and kill the leaders of the Orcs and brigands before they can come to an agreement. Their meeting place will be heavily guarded. You had best take friends.

While you were in the Vale of Andrath, Saeradan learned that the leaders of the brigans and the Orcs have agreed to meet to discuss an alliance in Bree-land.

1.- Locate the Cave.

2.- Kill 8 Brigands in Cave

3.- Kill Tarkrip Chieftain

The meeting place is somewhere not far south of Trestlebridge.

Saeradan has tasked you and your allies with finding the cave where the bringands and Orcs plan to meet and slay their leaders.
Follow the road north into the orc encampment (just before you get into the North Downs, head due west and you will find the camp), then enter the cave on the westernmost side of the camp. You will have to defeat brigands along the way so do not try to find the Chieftain until you finish killing the brigands. Afer defeating the brigands you will need to find and kill the Chieftain. A healer is a MUST HAVE for this quest. The Chieftan is an elite and has 2 elite guards and 2 normal guards. Take out all of the guards first to reduce the damage your fellowship is taking and then focus on the Chieftan. When his health gets low he will heal himself for about 300 points which shouldn't present much of a problem. Take out these last points of his life and the quest should be completed. Exit through the door behind where the Chieftan was first standing. -Submitted by: Khildim, Man Champion, Brandywine server



Selectable Rewards
Saerada's Greataxe
Saeradan greataxe


Saerand's trousers
Saerands trousers

Saerand's Shoulder Pads
Saerands shoulder pads



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