Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Osur Stouthammer in the Crafting Hall in Bree

Bestowal Dialogue:
Have you ever seen such a disappointment, friend Burglar? The Men of this town are wearing armour of such low quality, I'm surprised they can come out in the daylight without embarrassment!

'If Bree-town is attacked, these guards could not hope to prevail. They are badly in need of better armour.

'If you know a metalsmith of any skill, impose upon him for the making of bronze scale-armour and a bronze buckler. It might not be much, but it's a start. Bring them to me and perhaps we will be able to turn these guards into a fighting force after all!

Osur Stouthammer is concerned by what he feels to be the sad state of the armour worn by the guards of the town of Bree and wants to ease the situation.

Collect Bronze Scale Armour

Collect Bronze Buckler

Osur Stouthammer is by the Boar Fountain in the town of Bree.

Osur Stouthammer is concerned by the low quality of the armour worn by the guards of the town of Bree and wants you to find a metalsmith willing to make some bronze armour and a bronze buckler that he can give to the defenders.


Bronze Armour and Bronze Buckler are both made by a Metalsmith.

Starter has been moved to the interior of the crafting hall. Bronze scale armour was renamed Bronze Armour.

Related Quests:

1s 80c AND 6 Bronze Plate

2 Copper Ore OR 2 Rowan Wood

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