The burglar is a class introduced in The Lord of The Rings Online.

The BurglarEdit

"A really first-class and legendary burglar would at this point have picked the trolls’ pockets—it is nearly always worth while, if you can manage it—, pinched the very mutton off the spits, purloined the beer, and walked off without their noticing him. Others more practical but with less professional pride would perhaps have stuck a dagger into each of them before they observed it."
- J.R.R Tolkien, "The Hobbit".

A stealthy trickster, the Burglar can dart in and out of the shadows to befuddle, weaken, or damage foes. An unexpected strike from behind by a burglar can stun or trip enemies, allowing others in his party to combine their efforts for a devastating attack. Unassuming on his own, a burglar would be wise to not be caught alone.

The Burglar is the class of choice for players that enjoy using cunning and tricks to defeat their opponents. Using concealment, a Burglar can strike from the shadows, taking his opponents unawares. With his wit, a Burglar can show his allies where a foe's weakness lies -- or trap someone in a riddle. A Burglar's combat style hinges on his ability to outmaneuver and outwit opponents while hitting them where it hurts.

Available To Man, Hobbit

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Can burgle!
  • Can deal greater damage!
  • The only class that can reliably cause Conjunctions.


Hobbit male burglar

basic male burglar

Burglar SkillsEdit

A Burglar's main methods of attack involve proper positioning and careful use of debuffs. The Burglar does his best work when behind or flanking an opponent, and can follow up Critical Hits with even more attacks.
* Burglar Skills and Traits

Riders of Rohan SkillsEdit

Burgler icon

Focuses on weakening enemies, evasive maneuvers, positional game play, and melee damage.

  • Jollification: A burglar knows when to revel in the face of another's folly.
  • Rohirrim: Restores both morale and power to their mount.
  • Riddermark: Increases the burglar's chance to critically strike by 25%.
  • Red Dawn: Applies a powerful short-term bleed to the target.

Requires Trick: Stratagem to be on the target.
Removes Trick: Stratagem when the skill is executed.

Another main skill of a burglar is Touch and Go, which allows the burglar to evade 50% of all attacks for 30 seconds. Find Footing is also a key skill. Burglars can only use this skill when they are stunned and it un-stuns them and grants a 25% maximum morale and 50% evade chance.

Burglar Solo TacticsEdit

Rogues... Agents... Striking fear and malice into the heart of an enemy, burglars favor the dagger and sword above all else. Silence and discretion provide their strength. They employ minor mysticism and dark knowledge of shadow to strike the unsuspecting.

A smart burglar should always strike the first blow and the last, trying to outwit the enemy and attack from behind. Burglars shy away from wearing bulky armor, so must attack hard and fast.

Burglar Group TacticsEdit

Use lots of stabbing (and run away when you feel like it). Use stealth to avoid the enemy's attention in order to stay alive. This skill is called Hide in Plain Sight in which the burglar is briefly undetectable in stealth, Stealth is not broken by damage, and run speed is set to 100% for 10 seconds.

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