Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Old Mugwort does the cooking around here, but I have some recipes of my own that tickle the fancy of some of the guests. So much so that they have bought out all my latest fare! The recent commotion ran off our modest herd of swine, and I need more pork!

'I need boar-feet and leg-bones. Though I'll not share with you all of my recipe, I will tell you that the marrow from the bones gives the soaked feet a richer taste. Once you pull the fur away and cure the feet in salt you've a tasty treat.

'You should find boars in the surrounding area and northeast among the Weather Hills. Be careful, though -- not every foot is good for eating.'

Some of the guests within the Forsaken Inn have developed a taste for Arinora's pork dishes.

Boars can be found in the area surrounding the Forsaken Inn and northeast among the Weather Hills.

Arinora asked you to collect boar-feet and leg-bones for a dish she serves at the Forsaken Inn.



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