Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Mrs. Sandheaver awaits delivery of her latest conversation pieces, and I needn't make her wait any longer. I do not have enough to pay a proper courier at the moment, but when the delivery is complete, I am sure Mrs. Sandheaver will send me the payment I am due.

'The pottery you collected needs to be delivered to Lily. Would you be willing to take these to Bree?

'If you would, take this bundle and deliver it to Lily Sandheaver at the crossroads leading up Bree-hill, west of the Prancing Pony. She will give you payment, which I trust you will bring to me. I will then divide it fairly and give to you your share. Do we have a deal, Stip?'

Lily Sandheaver awaits Candac's latest delivery at the foot of Bree-hill in the town of Bree.

1. Lily Sandheaver lives in her home at the corner of the road in Bree that leads up Bree-hill.

Candac Brightwood, unable to pay a proper messenger, has asked you to make his most recent delivery to Lily Sandheaver.

2. Candac Brightwood is at the Forsaken Inn, located on the Great East Road through the Lone-lands.

Candac Brightwood sent you to deliver a bundle of old pottery to Lily Sandheaver, for which Mrs. Sandheaver paid you. You should return to Candac with the payment.



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Candac's Helmet OR Candac's Wall


Lily Sandheaver is near Bree Hill


Candac is in the Forsaken Inn