Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I will tell you of my troubles, traveller, and see if you can lend me some assistance. The Munces supply me with pottery and other trinkets found throughout the ruins in the Lone-lands. They count themselves folk of these lands, these Eglain, and they depend on such trade for their livelihood. Goblins have overrun the ruins where they are accustomed to gathering the pieces! They cannot collect the pottery shards I require, and I find my deliveries impossible to complete! If I cannot send a delivery of pottery to Mrs. Sandheaver in the town of Bree, I will not be paid!

'There is a valley beneath the ruins of Minas Eriol, southeast of the Forsaken Inn, where wolves have been known to prowl. There may be some shattered bits of pottery there and perhaps some whole pieces, as well. If you can bring me some, I will see you paid for your efforts.

'Do be careful... the Lone-lands never cease to be dangerous, especially in these troubled times.'

Candac Brightwood buys pottery and other trinkets from the Munces at the Forsaken Inn, but they are having trouble gathering enough pieces with the goblins creeping into the Lone-lands.

Ancient bits of pottery may be found in the valley beneath the ruins of Minas Eriol, southeast of the Forsaken Inn.

Candac Brightwood has asked you to search for bits of pottery with which he can continue his trade.


The "Del" key in the default keymap will help you find these nodes. This key is mapped to 'Select nearest item'

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You'll find them in this general area.


You're looking for the Pottery Shards here.


Candac is in the Forsaken Inn