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The Captain is a well balanced class, with the ability to both solo and group effectively. A captain's strength lies in beneficial effects for his party. A major focus in group combat is the captain's herald, a combat "pet" who also carries a banner that buffs the fellowship, colloquially known as "mansam". The captain has a lot of things in combat that it can react to; it designates the main target, uses beneficial cries when enemies fall and can heal and protect its fellows. The captain is effectively the group leader.


Riders of Rohan SkillsEdit

Captain icon
Focuses on strengthening allies, weakening enemies, directing the battlefield, and dealing a mix of melee and ranged damage.
  • Banter: Unleashing a mighty cry, the Captain is capable of bolstering allies while unnerving foes.
  • Rohirrim: Deals a low amount of damage to a targeted enemy and heals a great deal of morale and power to the Captain and their War-steed.
  • Riddermark: Deals a low amount of damage to up to 6 targets in a ~40m radius around the target and heals the Captain's fellowship members and their War-steeds for a low amount of morale.
  • Red Dawn: Deals a significant amount of damage to a single target and restores a small amount of morale and power to the Captain and their War-steed.
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