A single 'Red Wraith'

The Cargul are lesser wraiths enslaved by the Nazgul in service of the dark power of Angmar. Most are likely powerful victims of the Nazgûl's Morgul-blades, a terrifying supernatural weapon that saps a person's life. Those wounded by a Morgul-blade will find themselves fading from the mortal world and drawn into the Wraith-world, a spiritual plane just beyond our perception of reality. Once the transition is complete, the person is transformed into a Wraith and, like the Nazgûl themselves, can only be seen by mortal eyes when enshrouded in dark robes. The Cargûl are hapless souls that have fallen victim to this calamity.

Cargul wear blood-red robes adorned with gold thread. They weild longswords in battle, but, like their more powerful masters, their greatest weapon is fear.

Cargul can be found within the Carn Dum instance and one can also be found in the Angmarim village before its gates. Earlier in the game, Amdir, the injured ranger, becomes a Cargul and is killed by the player. Another Cargul appears at the end of the Weathertop skirmish and several others can be found within the Lone-lands and Trollshaws.

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