Level: 31

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Esteldin

Start: Elur

Bestowal Dialogue:
'The weapons you found are a great help. I will see them delivered to Asikko, the Earth-kin chieftain. Now, I have one more favour to ask of you.

'Just east from Esteldín and to the north along the base of the hills surrounding this hidden fort, you will find an Earth-kin camp. The denizens there are of the Suuri-lehmä tribe, our friends. We must make sure they know of our efforts on their behalf.

'Will you take this letter to Asikko, their chieftain? It may be that he will openly declare an alliance with my people, which can only serve to strengthen our position in the North Downs.'

Esteldin relied on the Earth-kin to aid in safeguarding the pass to Angmar in the north. Their recent corruption has forced the Rangers' hand and they must now strike down their former allies to ensure that the few remaining Earth-kin allies are safeguarded.

1. Asikko, chieftain of the Suuri-lehmä, can be found at the Earth-kin camp located along the hills north of the eastern entrance to Esteldín.

When you returned with the stolen Earth-kin weapons, Elúr asked you for one final favour. He gave you a letter and sent you to find Asikko, the chieftain of the Earth-kin still loyal to the defence of Ram Dúath.

2. Elúr resides at Esteldín.

Elúr will be pleased to learn that Asikko, the Earth-kin chieftain, pledged that he and his people intend to honour their oaths and will fight against the Rauta-lehmä.



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