Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'You have decided to help me? Excellent. There is a draught I know the making of that should cleanse the taint from the ruins of Dol Ringwest. I have most of the ingredients I need, but there is one remaining herb -- a fragrant herb that grows on the shores of the river, a short way north of here.

'Tis a simple matter to gather it, and I would do so myself, but the brewing is at a delicate stage right now, and I must keep a close eye upon it. Would you gather the herbs I need, (name)?'

Calengil has asked you to collect some herbs for him as part of a draught he is creating to cleanse a dark taint from the ruins near Duillond.

1. The herbs can be found along the riverside a little ways north of Duillond.

Calengil has asked you to retrieve the herbs that he needs to complete the cleansing draught.

2. Calengil is at Duillond to the south.

You should return the herbs you collected to Calengil.


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