Level: 31

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Othrikar

Start: Hornbori

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My people and the Jorthkyn, or Earth-kin in the tongue of southern Men, have been ever close. It was only with their aid that we weathered the first few years here in Othrikar. Since then they have always aided us dwarves in times of need.

'My cousin, Ragnarr Hornsounder, has gone to the Jorthkyn hunting camp, in the hills of eastern Nan Amlug, to learn more of their ways and bring our people closer together.

'It has been long since I have heard from Ragnarr. Seek him out in the camp of the Jorthkyn to the east, and if he is still well, deliver my words of concern to him.'

Hornbori's cousin, Ragnarr Hornsounder, has journeyed to the camp of the Earth-kin in Nan Amlug. Hornbori is concerned because he has received no word from his cousin.

Ragnarr Hornsounder is at the Earth-kin camp along the western mountains in eastern Nan Amlug, east of Othrikar.

Hornbori has asked you to find his cousin in the Earth-kin camp and make sure he is still safe.



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