Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Needlehole

Start: Filibert Bolger

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Gracious me, am I glad to see you! You see, my cow Daffodil, she's gone missing, and I suspect some foul play!

'Yesterday, a dwarf came by my farm. Olwir was his name, and he wanted to buy my Daffodil. Well, I couldn't sell her...she's the only cow I got. He didn't seem to take that well. I think he may have come back and stolen her!

'Now, I don't know where he might have taken her, but I do remember that his boots were caked in mud. I'll wager he was out tromping about in Rushock Bog! Maybe that's where he took her! Start looking at Troll's Knoll, south-east of here.'

Filibert Bolger told you that his cow, Daffodil, has gone missing, and he suspects that a dwarf named Olwir stole her.

1. Troll's Knoll is in Rushock Bog, south-east of Needlehole.

Filibert suspects that Olwir took Daffodil out into Rushock Bog somewhere. He suggested you start searching at Troll's Knoll.

2. As you searched Troll's Knoll on behalf of Filibert Bolger, you came across the corpse of a cow. A closer examination of the cow should reveal if it is Filibert's cow, Daffodil.

3. Filibert Bolger can be found on the north side of Needlehole.

In your examination of the dead cow you found atop Troll's Knoll, you came across a bell. Perhaps Filibert Bolger will be able to tell from the bell whether the cow you found was his Daffodil.

4. Bounder Chubb can be found on the south side of Needlehole.

Filibert Bolger, angered by the death of his cow, has asked you to speak with Bounder Chubb about the incident.



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