Level: 01

Difficulty: Solo

Location:In The Shire at The Party Tree

Start:Oger Brockhouse

Bestowal Dialogue:
Welcome to the Lithe Festival, friend. I see that you would like to participate in the dancing and rejoicing that happens when the festival comes to town. I too, would love to dance in joyous merriment.

Every hour I will lead a dance in celebration of the festival. I would love for you to come join me when the time has come!

It is Lithe Festival! A time of dance and celebration. Come dance with the hobbits and learn their steps.

The Dance Leader is under the Party Tree in the Shire.

Wait for the hobbit dance-celebration to begin and follow the instructions of the Dance Leader.

Follow the dance steps called out by the Dance Leader.

Having completed the dance-steps required, speak to the Dance Leader to learn the dance of the hobbits.

Every 20 minutes the Quest ring will appear over the Dance Leader's head. The actual dance will start about 5 minutes later.

You must have the Dance Leader selected at all times.

You can map a key to the three dance steps

/shortcut # /dance1

/shortcut # /dance2

/shortcut # /dance3

to make the dance easier to follow.

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/dance_hobbit emote

Fun Fact:
The programmers must be fans of Scotland! The hobbit dance is a very nice reproduction of a step from the Highland Fling... One called "Toe-and-Heel" that is generally done second in the Fling by beginners! Who knew Hobbits were from Scotland?!