Performance of a heroic Deed will grant a reward of some kind, normally a Title or a Trait. Deeds can be divided into 8 categories: Class, Epic, Explorer, Lore, Race, Reputation, Slayer, and Social. Some deeds can only be performed in a particular area while others can be accomplished anywhere in the world.

Types of DeedEdit


Class deeds are related to your particular class and reward you with a Class Trait.



Explore related Points of Interest within a Zone to receive your reward.


Lore deeds require that the player collects and reads given items, containing background information about a particular in game mythos.


Racial deeds


Reputation deeds, as the name suggests, requires the player to gain reputation with the inhabitants of a particular zone. A typical Reputation deed may be to complete a given number of quests in the zone.


These deeds are pure combat oriented, find the particular mob and kill it a given number of times. Slayer deeds generally precede an advanced version that doubles the requirement of the initial quest.


Zone Based DeedsEdit

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