Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Taylor Green

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Combe has always relied on this lumber camp for her livelihood, and now the people of Archet will be relying on us to supply the wood to rebuild their town, I expect. There's no shortage of work, that much is certain!

'We'll need to start taking down some of the trees to the north-east, along the cliffs, but there's a wolf-den up that way that endangers our workers!

'Could you deal with those wolves for me? It's not safe to chop down trees near there, and I'm afraid we might lose some of our best loggers. Follow the cliff wall. You'll see the wolves, or they'll see you.'

Woodcutters from Combe moving further into the Chetwood in search of quality lumber are seeking protection from the local wildlife.

1. The wolf-den is set in the cliff wall north-east of the lumber camp.

Woodcutter Taylor Green is concerned that the wolves roaming the woods to the north-east may be a threat to the woodcutters and has asked you to cull their numbers.

2. Woodcutter Taylor Green waits at the lumber camp to the south-west, north of the guard-house.

As Woodcutter Green requested, you put the fear of Men into the wolves of the Chetwood. He will be pleased to hear of your success.


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